Amy Reynolds Design is in the House

Many homes across Los Angeles showcase Amy Reynolds Design. Amy is known for creating beautiful spaces that display clean lines, light-filled open areas, cozy fabrics, wood elements, contrasting textures, finishes and design periods all while honoring the architectural style of homes. Amy loves to collaborate closely with her clients threading colors, details and objects that reflect her clients’ personalities throughout the spaces they live in.

Express Yourself

It's Amy’s passion to create well-designed, beautiful spaces. She firmly believes that her clients' tastes and styles should be represented in their home. To quote Coco Channel, “An interior is the natural projection of the soul” and that right there is Amy’s goal… that her clients’ homes would reflect who they are!

It’s All in the Details

As Charles Eames said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.”
Whether it’s custom cabinetry, custom furniture or curating a space’s finishes, textures, colors and decor… it’s all in the details! Amy artfully pulls together all the details in balance and harmony to create an aesthetic that is uniquely crafted for each individual client.

Living Design

Whether Amy is strolling through the city with her husband or hiking in the mountains with her kids, she pulls inspiration from the beauty and details around her. Simply put... Amy lives and breathes design. She loves what she does.

Feel Good in Your Surroundings

Science tells us how the environment that we live in greatly impacts our well-being, mood, health, productivity and rest.
Amy’s desire is that her clients feel happy, productive and inspired in their surroundings. She also hopes that her clients will find refuge, solace and relaxation in the place they call home.

Trained in Interior Architecture

Amy was born and raised just outside of Detroit. As a kid, it was quite common for Amy to see a set of blueprints sprawled out on the breakfast table each morning. Her dad, a general contractor, would often review electrical plans or meet with a plumber over morning coffee. At a young age, she was inspired by these construction drawings and started “drafting” her future dream homes. As a teenager, she often visited her dad’s job sites taking in how homes were built and on occasion, would even roll up her sleeves, slip on some work boots and go to work helping dig foundations, nailing studs, sanding drywall and painting walls. After these experiences and influences, the decision to study Interior Architecture in college seemed like a no-brainer to her. Amy received a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture becoming well-versed in drafting, CAD, construction and the history of architecture and design. All these years later, she still loves to learn new things and soak up all things Interior design.

From the Motor City to the City of Angels

Straight out of design school, Amy worked for a renowned interior design firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but felt Los Angeles calling her name. So, she took her design skills to Hollywood where she worked on several television shows with talented Production Designers, Art Directors, Set Designers and Set Decorators. During the years of working in TV and film, Amy still loved designing interiors part time. She decided to take her side job to the limelight and that’s when Amy Reynolds Design was born!

Let's create something beautiful.